The following is a selective list of the courses or classes that I've taken, just in case you're looking for some of the more unique qualifications. If you are interested in a full transcript or have a question about something specific, please feel free to contact me.

Computer Science Courses

  • Database Management Systems
  • Topics in Database Management Systems
  • Information Visualization, Scientific visualization
  • Human Computer Interaction (undergraduate and graduate)
  • Computer Game Technologies
  • Introduction to Algorithms
  • Advanced Natural Language Processing
  • Analysis of Software Artifacts
  • Tools and Environments in Optimization

Design Courses

  • Graphic Visualization
  • CAD Applications
  • Modelmaking
  • Technical Drawing
  • Materials and Process Application
  • Concept Design Sketching
  • Equipment Design
  • Exhibit Design
  • Human Factors Application
  • Toy Design

Art Courses

  • Airbrush Techniques
  • Introduction to Woodworking
  • Screen Printing
  • Metal Form and Fabrication
  • Glass Flameworking
  • Illusionism
  • Oriental Art


  • Mind, Brain, and Education
  • Entrepreneurial Management
  • Teaching in the College Classroom
  • Analogy, Math, and Poetry
  • Statistics for Psychology
  • Japanese
  • Introduction to Industrial and Systems Engineering
  • Principles of Economics