graphic design portfolio

Computing Resources Visualization

Computing Resources Visualization

A graphic visualization of the computing and data resources of the IceCube Research Center.

IceCube T-shirt Design 1

T-shirt design 1

Design to celebrate the International Polar Year, a global event dedicated to celebrating and highlighting the research conducted at both the north and south poles.

IceCube T-shirt Design 2

T-shirt design 2

Design imitating World War II poster style, the illustration is of a digital optical modules (DOM), used in the construction of the neutrino observatory.

IceCube Brochure


This sixteen page brochure was developed as an educational outreach and informational handout. Pictured here are two of the spreads designed for the publication.

IceCube Invitation


Created to celebrate the end of a successful drilling season, this invitational postcard was designed for grayscale printing.