This is a portfolio site which means that it's going to be chock full of pretty pictures; however, there's a lot more to what I do than just pretty pictures. There is a great deal of thought, research, and reasoning that goes behind each project to address problems before they occur and to maximize the chances of getting the best product possible. If you'd like to see some examples of that process (accompanied by narration) just invite me in for an interview!

  • Web Portfolio: Most of my professional work has been web application development and web design. I redesigned and implemented a new web presence for a multimillion dollar research project.
  • Graphic Design: This area contains samples of my graphic design work, such as t-shirt and brochure designs.
  • Industrial Design: A sampling of my work in industrial design, each piece highlighting a different aspect of the process, These examples range from ideation to prototyping.
  • Fine Arts: An assortment of art pieces that illustrate technique.